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The Black Hole Holbox, meaning “black hole” in Maya, was founded in 1873 by the descendants of the pirates who took refuge there. Fishing has been the most important activity of the island for centuries, probably since the Mayas. Holbox is an old fishing village located near the north-eastern tip of Yucatan Peninsula, separated to the land by the laguna “Yalahau” and surrounded by mangrove swamp. The island is 40km long and just 1.5km wide and out of these 34km is still intact.





Holbox is a stretched piece of land that from the Caribbean sea comes inside the gulf of Mexico, this peculiar position is a great mix of currents, climates and characteristics that gives sanctuary to hundreds of different of species of life form: in the water, in the land and in the air. The fact that the town is small and everything is wild, gives you the possibility to see a lot of wildlife. From pink flamingoes to big turtles. Dolphins passing close by the beach at sunset, prehistoric horseshoe crab lies tired on the beach, while the air is always flown by pelicans, frigate bird, cormorants, osprey and occasionally different other birds. Wonder of the wonders, off the coast line you can encounter and swim side to side to the magnificent whale shark and huge manta rays that come in great numbers to feed themselves during the summer time. The phytoplankton they eat make an incredible spectacle at night glowing bright in the dark, right on the shore.


This is the perfect place where you can walk 45 minutes from the town and be completely alone, strolling barefoot under the sun while enjoying the sounds of nature that today are always overwhelmed by us and our machines. The buildings are trying to camouflage themselves with palm trees around them and thatched roof that gives them a tropical effect. Not all of them succeeded tough, but the fact that so far there are a lot of private investment and a strong local community, help to keep the island from massive exploitation. The beaches are infinite constellations of sea shells of different shapes and colors. Admire it, take pictures of them, wear it while you are here… but don’t take it with you.. let the people who want to see it make the effort to come here worth it.


The winter is just a long spring and is the best time of the year regarding temperature and rains. You got almost no shower from January to May. The temperatures nice and mild allow you to swim all-year around. You can forget about jackets and shoes. The summer is when the nature put on the show. Whale sharks are coming from May to September. Turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. A lot of migratory birds stop by to enjoy the sun. It is also the rainy season, so you can have more precipitation during these months, and the heat comes to his peak. October and November are the slow transition between the high seasons; really enjoyable for the lack of people. It is a bit more rainy but at least you won’t need A/C. A lot of hotels and restaurants close for maintenance or to rest.


(0052) 984-188 1236

Av. Pedro Joaquin Coldwell
Mz.19 Lt 6, 77310
Isla Holbox, Q.R., Mexico

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