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We reckon that is all about your nature… Chill out on the white-shelly beach with a beer in your hand could be one of the 100 possible scenarios… Holbox is the perfect place where you can forget your watch, your telephone and your shoes: you won’t need’ them… Time here slow down to a man-dimension fit. The most far place you need to be going is half an hour walk away. If all this sounds good..well, then you are in the right place. The island has activities and attractions that can fit from a relaxed planner to a more curious and adventurous type of traveller. Try to get some fresh fish at the main beach when the fishermen’s are back from the early morning trip. You will notice a lot of birds around the boat when they are cleaning the catches of the day, and you will be able to buy some fresh fish for a fair price. Strolling around and make pictures. Being the island a natural reserve and a not long ago, just a fisherman village, you’ll be able to get some really nice shots if you are into photography. Hidden corners and 50-years-back-in-time scene are everywhere in the island if you know where to look. Unmissable: watching the sunset. It’s the only place in Quintana Roo where you’ll see the sun diving into the sea.




Duration aprox 4 hrsOn the main beach you have a nice caribbean spot that everybody is looking for, but on the inside part of the island is all mangroves and swamps. That habitat is an incredible environment for birdwatching, have some exercise and if lucky spot crocodiles getting tanned. The kayak itself allows you to explore remotes parts of the island that you wouldn’t see otherwise. Silence it would be the key word to enjoy this tour.



The popular one it’s with the fishing line, where green fisherman can have fun and fish your own lunch. It’s a 4/5 hours trip and the captain will prepare you the “ceviche” with what you caught. (Duration aprox 5 hrs) For PROs as well we have special tour far out at sea, where you can go big.



Even if you never mount a horse before, it’s nice and easy to do it so in Holbox. It is a local family that take really good care of the horses and they mount small groups only. Usually is in the morning or by the end of the day, to don’t expose the horses (and tourists) to strong sun. It is about 1 hour and a half and the path is really nice and pleasant. (Duration aprox 1 and half hrs)



From June 1st to September 15, you’ll be able to swim right beside the biggest fish in the ocean. These gentle creatures come to feed themselves during the summer, where the Caribbean Sea connects with the water of the gulf of Mexico. Currents and other unknown reasons make a big gathering of these whales, and you’ll be able to accompany them by swimming along, just a couple of meters from them. (Duration aprox 5/7 hrs)



It’s a inexpensive and really popular tour that make you have a good look of the island, especially if you just have a couple of days. It gives you a taste of everything: you will explore Passion Island, the fresh water pool of Yahlahau (only reachable by boat) and Bird Island, which is a bird sanctuary with a nice “mirador” and a stunning view of the inner mangroves. (Duration aprox 3/4 hrs)



It’s a half-day trip by boat where they take you on the far east end of the island, where Holbox it’s separated to the main land. It is a really good spot for snorkeling, even thought the visibility is not always the best.   (Duration aprox 6 hrs)

Tribal activities

Isla Holbox is a stretch of land situated right where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea. Because of it’s unique geographical location, the island offers an interesting mix of currents, climates and characteristics that make it possible for hundreds of different species to coexist (by land, sea and air). Holbox is very small in size, which means the wildlife is concentrated and easier to spot. If you are lucky you can see dolphins, pink flamingos, horseshoe crabs and many more. Walk for miles along the beach during the day and watch the sea glow with plankton at night.


Tribu is not a party hostel but it is important for us to always have fun. End your day on our rooftop overlooking the ocean for sunset yoga, and then start your evening with a delicious cocktail at our eclectic bar. We offer events every night of the week, from jam nights to arts and craft workshops, quiz nights and free salsa lessons, we offer a little something for everyone.

At Tribu we work hard to create a space where artists can express themselves. If you are a musician, DJ, visual artist, or believe you can make a positive impact at through your art form, please feel free to contact us.


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